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We are a small family owned business in Soquel,Ca, a beautiful coastal village on the Monterey Bay, home of Santa Cruz and Monterey and the famous Pebble Beach golf course. We have been making the jewelry you see here for three full generations, since the early twenties. Many people have copied our jewelry but we are the oldest and the originators of many of the styles. Personalized wire jewelry was very popular at County and State Fairs in the early twentieth century and my dad and grandfather traveled the country working these sites. My dad drove across country in a Model A Ford when he was thirteen. My grandfather could not drive at the time, so he had my dad drive from Deluth, Minnesota to California. This was done almost entirely on gravel roads. They hit something like twenty miles of paved road during the entire trip.

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Dad and MeDuring the war my parents moved to Santa Monica and worked in defense plants. After the war, they opened a shop in the Farmer's Market in West Hollywood. This was a famous tourist attraction in the Fifties and popular with the locals. He stayed there until retiring in 1978 at which time I took over the business. I still have people come in almost every week saying the got one of our name bracelets from the Farmers Market when they were kids. They loved their bracelets and most often want another one for their daughters (or themselves)      My wife and I opened up the a shop in Capitola in 1988. We recently sold the shop and are now selling exclusively on line.   We enjoy the smaller town life and the beautiful environment. We have a great surf spot right around the corner  where I often am found out in the water. If no one answers the phone, call later, surf may be good.

We hope you will try our handmade jewelry. We will try to give you the best service and quality we can If you want to contact us, call 1-831-434-0234 or email us at and please tell us you found us on the web.

Garamps and brian1952 Shop Farmers MarketScript Craft Denver Dry Goods 1950Iowa State Fair with MomDad at the Farmers Market Script Craft Jewelry
Beach Street SF with Dad helpingMonterey Jazz Festival 2002