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Name Bracelet 14k Gold Fill Wire

Name Bracelet 12 K Gold Fill wire
Name Bracelet 12 K Gold Fill wireName Bracelet  Gold WireJapanese Name Bracelet  Gold WireName Bracelet Name Necklace12 K Gold Fill wireName Bracelet 12 K Gold Fill wire
Price: $53.00
Item Number: NB1G


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Our famous Personalized Wire Name Bracelet. This is our most famous personalized name item. Designed by my father and grandfather in the 30's, it has been copied by many makers on the internet.   Made from lifetime quality non tarnishing 14k Gold Fill Square Wire.  The Square Wire design is the classic way of making this bracelet, used by the great masters of Wire Name Jewelry.  Most makers you will find use round wire which takes less skill and equiptment but has less sparkle and destinction in the lettering.   . Ours are still the best Wire Name Bracelets anywhere.  Finest materials and the most experienced craftman.  Compare before you buy. Any length name will be custom fit to the opening for a sleek professional look.
    You'll be asked on the ordering page to specify size and age of the recipient so we can make a custom fitted item.  This of course, makes a wonderful personalized baby gift, as well as being great for infants or children, It will last for decades.   Over the decades we have had many adults come in a relate how they got one as a child and still treasure it.

Please specify below: name, age and build i.e. Stephanie, 14 years old, large build.